Tired of flat-pack furniture? Want something with a bit more elegance to make your living space stand out from the crowd? www.taillardat.fr will give you ideas aplenty with its massive selection of premium looks in styles modelled on some of the most famous periods in French design history. Everyone has heard of ‘Louis’ furniture – Louis XV, Louis XVI, Louis XVIII – but then there’s also the Empire, Restoration and Regency periods. All have their own particular charm, and all are synonymous with both French flair and French craftsmanship. A whole range of skills is needed to produce an authentic-looking modern version of these items. Expertise in leather casing, gilding, carving and upholstery are all crucial. Thankfully, Taillardat can draw on experts in all these fields.

The Empire Sofa style is much sought after, but the Regency look demonstrated by this Reuze sofa is also very popular

Source: www.taillardat.fr

Many people associate elaborate, richly-decorated chairs and sofas with these periods in history, and these are indeed classic 18th and 19th century designs. At http://www.taillardat.fr/collection-fauteuils-en.php there’s a large assortment of armchairs, and the website also hosts a collection of two and three-seater sofas such as the Reuze sofa in the picture below.