Bexhill Hospital, East Sussex offers rehabilitation healthcare and more

A major story in the press over the last few months has been that perennial favourite – NHS waiting times. If you’re wondering what you can do to avoid falling victim to endless postponements and massive waiting lists, you should take a look at the Hospitalsconsultants website. This online directory features a number of top English and French clinics and hospitals which between them offer a very wide range of procedures. These include:Lire la suite de

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The Viaskin patch comes in egg, cow’s milk and peanut versions

Paris-based company DBV-Technologies ( is a leading name in the allergy treatment and diagnosis research and development field. Its main focus is on the Viaskin patch. A key component of the production of this adhesive patch is an electrospray which sprays an electrically charged stream of minute droplets onto a conductive titanium backing. Lire la suite de

Tired of flat-pack furniture? Want something with a bit more elegance to make your living space stand out from the crowd? will give you ideas aplenty with its massive selection of premium looks in styles modelled on some of the most famous periods in French design history. Everyone has heard of ‘Louis’ furniture – Louis XV, Louis XVI, Louis XVIII – but then there’s also the Empire, Restoration and Regency periods. All have their own particular charm, and all are synonymous with both French flair and French craftsmanship. A whole range of skills is needed to produce an authentic-looking modern version of these items. Expertise in leather casing, gilding, carving and upholstery are all crucial. Thankfully, Taillardat can draw on experts in all these fields.

The Empire Sofa style is much sought after, but the Regency look demonstrated by this Reuze sofa is also very popular


Many people associate elaborate, richly-decorated chairs and sofas with these periods in history, and these are indeed classic 18th and 19th century designs. At there’s a large assortment of armchairs, and the website also hosts a collection of two and three-seater sofas such as the Reuze sofa in the picture below.


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If you’ve ever been affected by hay fever, you’ll know that suffering from allergies can be a thoroughly miserable business. However, for many people, allergies aren’t merely an occasional, unpleasant nuisance: they’re potentially life-threatening. However, the website contains news of a possible breakthrough in diagnosing and treating food allergies, which are amongst the most dangerous allergies of all.

Treating Cow’s Milk Protein allergy

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A whole raft of different foodstuffs can cause dangerous allergic reactions in humans: cod, lobster, scallops, crab, egg, peanuts and cow’s milk are just a few examples.

DBV-Technologies have been researching a non-invasive way of treating Cow’s Milk Protein allergy for some time now, and believe they have found the answer – the Viaskin patch.

The beauty of the patch approach is that it is easy to use with children, who are the main victims of cow’s milk allergy. Since it delivers the antigen in question to the body via the skin without breaking the blood-skin barrier, this method is painless. The body can therefore be slowly desensitized to the offending protein in a way that avoids causing children any kind of pain or distress.

Exactly the same approach has been taken using the Viaskin peanut patch and the house dust mite patch.

In what is a medical first, DBV-Technologies have developed a non-invasive method of treating food allergies in adults and children. contains more information on this breakthrough, which could have a major impact on the lives of millions who are currently affected by food allergies. Food allergies are many and varied, ranging from egg, fish, crab and shrimp, but the firm has concentrated its efforts on two of the most widespread allergies – peanut and cow’s milk protein.

The solution takes the shape of an adhesive patch like the one seen here.


The Viaskin® patch

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This patch contains minute doses of an allergen – effectively the substance that causes the allergic reaction in the body in the first place. The patch releases the allergen to the skin in slowly increasing quantities, allowing the body to build up a tolerance to it over time, without the risk of a severe allergic reaction. DBV-Technologies food allergy treatment solution is entirely painless, making it especially suited to working with children.

There can be few better places to turn than FM Sports Academies if you want to encourage young sporting talents without letting them neglect their studies either! Based in France, England and Spain, FM Sports Academies’ sports and languages and sports and studies programmes are designed for students of all ages.

Top-quality coaches, sports physicians, physical trainers and sports psychologists have been an integral part of the success of these courses over the last 25 years. The quality of the teaching and the learning environments at establishments such as Birkdale School and Hillsborough College in the Sheffield area is another crucial factor.


Football academy and school in England


Some students are principally interested in improving their English, but for those who already have a higher standard of English, other windows open up. For anyone who sees themselves coaching sport for a living, the BTEC sports coaching in England programme could be a good place to start.

This qualification would enable you to get onto a university-level course and covers both technical and tactical aspects of sport, nutrition, coaching, fitness testing, exercise and more! The programme includes regular English tuition. Other BTEC qualifications are also available, notably the International Foundation Diploma in Business, which is aimed at budding footballers.

Anybody who needs to connect with customers or potential clients knows just how important it is to have a website that facilitates, rather than complicates contact. Often this first contact will be via an online form, so maybe it’s time you went for a spin on the FormForAll website. This is where you’ll find the last word in form-building technology showcased for you. will give you a quick overview of this solution’s key features, but there’s also a more comprehensive explanation of how it works available on the site. Notable functions include the option of having your form translated into many different languages, including major world languages like Chinese, Russian and Arabic, a social login function that makes the most of the popularity of Google + and Facebook, and a double opt-in feature. This offers you an easy way of checking the authenticity or otherwise of the email addresses that your form users are supplying you with.

Last, but definitely not least, the FormForAll form generator is a responsive form builder. This is more important than ever before, given the increasingly significant position occupied by smartphones and tablet computers on the online market these days. This even applies to the free form builder plan!