There’s no better addition to your stock of caravan and camping accessories than a reliable awning. Caravan awnings come in all shapes, sizes and prices and it certainly pays to shop around to see what’s out there before making any purchases. As any smart shopper knows, buying the cheapest makes may cost you dear in the long term. Caravan porch awnings such as the Soleria are made to the very highest European manufacturing standards, being produced by French firm Trigano. Made from very high quality materials such as Ten Cate acrylic, this particular model is extremely robust, roomy, and above all, versatile. The clever design features removable panels, a ‘verandah’ option, up to two entrance ways and room for two additional annexes.

It’s sure that most people have no need to be won over on the merits of an awning as far as extra storage or sleeping space is concerned. But just how weather-proof are these constructions? Well,  good 4 seasons awnings will definitely put your mind at rest. The Montreux 4 seasons awning is 100% PVC, which, together with a sturdy steel frame, will really keep bad weather at bay, whether we’re talking about wind, rain or even snow.