Anybody who needs to connect with customers or potential clients knows just how important it is to have a website that facilitates, rather than complicates contact. Often this first contact will be via an online form, so maybe it’s time you went for a spin on the FormForAll website. This is where you’ll find the last word in form-building technology showcased for you. will give you a quick overview of this solution’s key features, but there’s also a more comprehensive explanation of how it works available on the site. Notable functions include the option of having your form translated into many different languages, including major world languages like Chinese, Russian and Arabic, a social login function that makes the most of the popularity of Google + and Facebook, and a double opt-in feature. This offers you an easy way of checking the authenticity or otherwise of the email addresses that your form users are supplying you with.

Last, but definitely not least, the FormForAll form generator is a responsive form builder. This is more important than ever before, given the increasingly significant position occupied by smartphones and tablet computers on the online market these days. This even applies to the free form builder plan!