Have you been seeking high and low for ladies’ footwear? Modatoi.co.uk is the place to be if you’re interested in high quality, stylish boots and shoes.
Some trends really grab you and shake you about, and this year’s platforms are a little in this vein. Just as cutting-edge as their predecessors, this latest crop definitely does its own thing, without being bound to the past. It’s actually not just about height any more, what matters is shape and detailing. Out goes the heavy-looking design we’re so familiar with, in comes a slightly sleeker version. Just as adventurous are the women’s boots out there. There’s no shortage of showy colours in the shape of luscious crimsons, fuchsias, sky blues and rich purples. Another clear trend is the return of animal print and fake leather in a big way, taking your legs on a trip through the Serengeti or even up the Amazon!
What’s more, now great half boot designs are only a click away. And we all know that half boots are twice the fun! For instance, you’ll just love the contrasts of different colours and materials on offer – try hot pink and black, orange and blue or even pvc and suede look combos.