Luxury leather goods are a simply wonderful way of adding a touch of class to our homes and offices – or when we’re on the move, for business or pleasure. It’s true that the ‘luxury’ tag to such products might lead you to assume these items are out of reach of most people’s pockets, but firms such as Lucrin have something to suit all budgets.
Of course, Lucrin leather products are made from the very best quality material, giving them a well-deserved reputation for being especially hard-wearing. Another attractive feature of leather is the sheer variety of finishes, colours and looks that can be created using different leather types and processes. Whatever kind of finish you’d like, whether the textured feel of full grain leather, or perhaps the smoother touch of nubuck, has them all.
Although leather is used for many different purposes, one item that remains a must-have for most men is the leather wallet. Lucrin’s line-up of wallets covers designs tailored to a variety of uses, including cheque book holders and special euro and dollar banknote wallets.
It’s not just your money that needs safeguarding – a passport holder will protect your most precious travel document. Even if black or beige come up time and again, everything from fuchsia to sky blue is available.