Although football is the obvious candidate for the title of ‘the world’s favourite sport’, snooker can’t be too far behind in terms of the number of people who have actually put cue to cue-ball and given it their best shot. The makers of snooker equipment probably have a much lower profile than many other sports kit manufacturers, maybe because many people who play snooker don’t actually own their own table. But one name still stands out in this field – Riley. This English firm have been making tables and cues for many years and have supplied world-ranking championships with tables on many occasions. Specializing in full size snooker table models like the world-renowned Aristocrat Tournament Champion, they also make billiard and American pool tables. Many people have no idea of the care and effort that goes into creating the average 12 foot table. The best wood, top-quality leather and rubber and the finest slate all go into the mix to help create tables that can be depended on for their level playfield and consistent ball response. Even seemingly unimportant details, like the nap of the cloth used for the baize, are actually crucial. In snooker, it’s the little things that count!