In what is a medical first, DBV-Technologies have developed a non-invasive method of treating food allergies in adults and children. contains more information on this breakthrough, which could have a major impact on the lives of millions who are currently affected by food allergies. Food allergies are many and varied, ranging from egg, fish, crab and shrimp, but the firm has concentrated its efforts on two of the most widespread allergies – peanut and cow’s milk protein.

The solution takes the shape of an adhesive patch like the one seen here.


The Viaskin® patch

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This patch contains minute doses of an allergen – effectively the substance that causes the allergic reaction in the body in the first place. The patch releases the allergen to the skin in slowly increasing quantities, allowing the body to build up a tolerance to it over time, without the risk of a severe allergic reaction. DBV-Technologies food allergy treatment solution is entirely painless, making it especially suited to working with children.