Look to the future with CRM On Demand.

Times aren’t getting any easier as far as the world economy is concerned, which is why we could all do with some extra assistance. With CRM On Demand know-how from the InFact Group, give your business a real shot in the arm and set yourself on the road to recovery. The InFact Group boasts a huge choice of solutions focusing on how to make CRM On Demand a more user-friendly experience.
In addition, anyone interested in exploring ways of extending CRM functionality to the mobile environment should take a look at the solutions on offer here. Solutions include organization charts, email generators and iCalendars. Of course, cutting-edge solutions are a powerful weapon in CRM, but that’s not to forget the vital role of long-established expertise. Oracle CRM Consulting is one of the InFact Group’s core services. Siebel CRM, BI, training and support services, full project management services, scoping – the team has all this at its fingertips.
The Group is an Oracle Fusion CRM Early Adopter Partner. Oracle Fusion CRM provides a raft of sophisticated options along the lines of superior sales planning and performance management. If you’re looking to ensure your costs don’t spiral out of control, look to the InFact Group for all your Oracle Fusion CRM needs.