Get yourself a first place finish on the fashion podium.

After such a sporty summer, we could be forgiven for wanting to kick back and put our feet up for a bit. However, when you begin to delve into the Modatoi range of women’s shoes and dresses, you may find yourself having second thoughts.
There’s no reason why sports-style footwear can’t look great – if you want proof, make a beeline for the great choice of shoes for women at This features trainers that are a little more flamboyant than your average gym shoe, not to mention cheeky heels. Actually, party shoes and heels have been so diverse as to almost defy classification this year, straddling everything from flamboyant oversized bows and polka dots to self-assured high heel lace-ups in warm autumn shades.
In the half boot stakes plenty of new things are ‘afoot’. The ‘skull’ motif is everywhere to be found, mostly picked out in rhinestones. Women’s boots are creeping up towards hemlines. Over the knee styles have seen their popularity jump which is no surprise to anyone who’s a fan of their swashbuckling type style.
This year’s women’s dresses get their kicks out of cut more than colour. This takes the shape of off-the-shoulder numbers, strapless looks, slashed necklines that owe a fashion debt to the twenties and masses and masses of lace, whether on the back, arms, shoulders or midriff.