Hospitalsconsultants will help you beat the NHS queues!

Bexhill Hospital, East Sussex offers rehabilitation healthcare and more

A major story in the press over the last few months has been that perennial favourite – NHS waiting times. If you’re wondering what you can do to avoid falling victim to endless postponements and massive waiting lists, you should take a look at the Hospitalsconsultants website. This online directory features a number of top English and French clinics and hospitals which between them offer a very wide range of procedures. These include:

  • hip replacement surgery
  • knee surgery
  • varicose veins treatment
  • femoral hernia treatment
  • cataract surgery

Only highly-regarded hospitals are considered for inclusion on the site, all establishments having been assessed on the basis of patient reviews (the NHS Choices Users’ score) and data published by the Care Quality Commission. For example, Bexhill Hospital, shown below, offers excellent day surgery and physio services.

Bexhill Hospital, East Sussex offers rehabilitation healthcare and more



In practical terms, then, if you have an eye condition that can’t be seen to quickly on the NHS, you can enter your age, desired procedure and insurance plan on the hospitalsconsultants website and you’ll be given details of a hospital that performs the relevant procedure. In the field of eye surgery, Sunderland’s renowned eye infirmary ( is one choice you could be offered.