Marketing collateral like you’ve never seen it before – the power of Webpublication.

The flip book opens up a whole new world for all your marketing collateral and Webpublication is here to help you exploit this opportunity to the full. With the power of cutting-edge technology and a good dash of imagination and creativity, you can start producing digital content that’s persuasive, interactive and informative. Tools such as the online magazine maker can draw in new customers and enthuse your existing client base, thanks to the sophisticated software you’ll have at your fingertips. And there’s no need for any specialist skills to get started. In as little as 10 minutes you can produce great-looking content that will do your company proud! Alternatively, Webpublication’s team can also take on the job of designing and setting up your catalogue, magazine or corporate e-brochure. Compared with traditional paper-based collateral, these formats offer significant advantages, including big savings in relation to printing costs. One great thing is the number of different channels that can host your magazine. It could be a website, a DVD, your iPad or iPhone or even social networking sites! And of course, there are features that paper collateral just can’t compete with, for instance, embedded video, sound effects, flash animation and much, much more!